The 13th DG Festival Award Ceremony on December 23rd 2016

Dear Guest 2014 Final Results

Appreciation Award:
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Shohier Ramzy
Hassan Mostafa
Fadila Tawfik "Abla Fadila"

DG Special Awards:
Wafaa Amer for her role in GABAL EL HALAL
Khaled Zaki for his role in SA7EB EL SAADA
Lebleba for her role in SA7EB EL SAADA
Sawsan Badr for her role SABA3 WASAYA
Salwa Khatab for her role in SEGN EL NESA
Tarek Lotfi for his role in GABAL EL HALAL
Amr Youssef for his role in 3AD TANAZOLI
Roubi for her role in SEGN EL NESA
Dorra for her role in SEGN EL NESA
Rania Youssef for her role in SABA3 WASAYA
Hana Shiha for her role in SABA3 WASAYA
Ahmed Zaher for his role in KALAM ALA WARAK
Youssef El Sherif for his role in EL SAYAD
Mohamed Soliman for his role in HEBA REGL EL GHORAB
Dina Fouad for her role in EL SAYAD
Edward for his role in SAHEB EL SAADA
Gamal El Adl for his role in series production
Emad Kassem for his role in PHOTOGRAPHY
Hany El Behery for his role in FASHION DESIGNING
Walid Mansour for his role in ORGANIZING EVENTS
Tele Serve "Ahmed Swillam" for his role in Sports investment.
EgyGo "Andoni Al Khoury" for his role in the online marketing.
Dusit Thani Lake view Hotel for their support to the Festival

Voting Awards:

TV & Radio
Best Actor: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Best Actress: Nelli Karim
Best Comedian Actor: Mohamed Saad
Best Comedian Actress: Emy Samir Ghanem
Best Youth Actor: Hamza El Aily
Best Youth Actress: Nesrine Amin
Best Presenter: Amr Adib
Best Script Writer: Amr Samir Atef
Best Female Presenter: Wafaa El Kilani
Best Sports Presenter: Ahmed Shobier
Best Female Radio Announcer: Mariam Amin
Best Radio Announcer: Fadi Ibrahim
Best Series: Segn El Nessa
Best Director: Kamla Abou Zekri
Best Sports Program: Fi El Malaab
Best Talk Show Program: Al Kahera Al Youm
Best Comedian Program: Asaad Allah Masaakom
Best Program: Sahebat Al Saada
Best Radio Program: El Sobh Belil
Best Channel: Al Nahar
Best Radio Channel: Radio 90,90
Best TV Ad: Mobinil " Ramadan Campaign"
Best Series Song: Gabal El Halal
Best Sports Channel: Al Nahar Sport
Best News Channel: Al Arabia

Music Awards
Best Singer: Amr Diab
Best Female Singer: Sherine Abdel Wahab
Best Youth Singer: Rami Gamal
Best Female Youth Singer: Carmen Soliman
Best Rising Singer: Abdallah Abdel Aziz
Best Female Rising Singer: Rana Samaha
Best Composer: Walid Saad
Best Poet: Ayman Bahgat Amar
Best Arranger: Tooma
Best Song: Koli Melkak "Sherine"
Best Corporate Song: Eftah albak
Best Clip: Enta A7la Haga fia "LATIFA"
Best Album: Ana Keteer "Sherine"

Best Actor: Ahmed El Sakka
Best Actress: Hend Sabry
Best Comedian Actor: Ahmed Helmy
Best Youth Actor: Nedal El Shafei
Best Youth Actress: Arwa Gouda
Best Director: Sherif Arafa
Best Film: Al Gezzirah 2

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